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Investment Management

At Old Point, our experienced investment managers provide you with a personalized, unique investment portfolio.

Our step-by-step investment approach consists of setting investment objectives, developing investment guidelines and establishing lines of communication.


First, We Listen To You and:

  • Assess risk tolerance
  • Determine income requirements
  • Consider income tax circumstances to generate the best after-tax benefits.
  • Set objectives
  • Determine an appropriate asset allocation
  • Consider types of investments


  • Develop investment guidelines for structuring the portfolio
  • Consider diversification among bonds and stocks
  • Evaluate each stock for your portfolio
  • Consider municipal or corporate bonds as appropriate
  • Ladder maturities to reduce interest rate risk.


  • Establish appropriate lines of communication
  • Conduct periodic meetings to evaluate the portfolio’s performance
  • Redefine objectives, if necessary
  • Provide periodic accountings

Our experienced investment managers are here to create an investment plan that will help you meet YOUR goals.


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