Our Services

We provide any and all of the services necessary to design, install, maintain and even terminate qualified retirement programs.

Some Services We Offer:

Plan Design: Given the client's goals and objectives, we prepare one or more qualified plan proposals. We meet with the client and/or his advisors to discuss and finalize the design. We can design many types of plans including: New Comparability, Safe Harbor 401(k), Solo K, Profit Sharing, Money Purchase, Defined Benefit, Age Weighted.

Installation: We provide the necessary plan and trust documents, submit them to the Internal Revenue Service, and follow them through the issuance of a determination letter when necessary. A summary plan description, administration forms, notice to interested parties and other items are also provided in a convenient electronic format.

Annual Administration: Each year, we prepare a financial statement for the retirement trust, determine eligible participants, perform required testing, and assist in determining plan contributions. We also prepare benefit summaries, employee statements and disclosures, applicable IRS forms (5500, et al.), Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation (PBGC) forms and client reports. We meet with the client and/or advisor to discuss the annual administration and related items. During the year, we are also available for consultation on any questions or concerns that the client or advisor may have regarding the retirement program.

Additional Services

Plan Analysis: We analyze an existing retirement program to insure that it both complies with current regulations and continues to meet the client's goals.
Plan Termination: We provide all of the services necessary to terminate a plan including the applicable IRS and PBGC filings.
Third Party Plan Administration: We provide volume plan administration services for financial and advisor institutions.
Seminars: Our staff is available to provide seminars to any firm that invests pension funds as well as other pension advisors and client groups. Seminars include topics such as a description of our services, how we work together with clients and their advisors and recent regulatory changes in the qualified plan area.