— Aug 2, 2010

Safe Harbor 401(k) Plan Offers Many Advantages

The continuing popularity of the 401(k) plan has made it the most widely used savings plan in the country.

— Jun 1, 2010

Roth 401(k) FAQs

Designated Roth contributions (a/k/a Roth 401(k) or Roth deferrals) have been available since 2006, but a change in the tax laws…

— Apr 1, 2010

When Should the Check be in the Mail?

Every qualified retirement plan has a specific deadline by which employer contributions must be deposited to the plan for each…

— Feb 1, 2010

Participants are on a Need to Know Basis...and They Need to Know

— Dec 1, 2009

Mandatory Electronic Filing Applies to Form 5500 Soon!

When Congress passed the Pension Protection Act of 2006 (PPA), it enacted several provisions that affect your Form 5500 filing.

— Oct 1, 2009

Voluntary Corrections for Qualified Plans

Given the complex nature of administering qualified retirement plans in accordance with ever-changing pension law, mistakes are…

— Aug 3, 2009

Plan Distributions Are on the Rise

The primary goal of a retirement plan is to accumulate savings to provide income after retirement.

— Jun 1, 2009

ERISA Fiduciary Responsibilities

Are you a fiduciary of your company's retirement plan? If you're not sure, it's time to find out because if you are a fiduciary,…

— Apr 1, 2009

Layoffs Can Result in a Partial Plan Termination Requiring 100% Vesting

— Feb 2, 2009

Payment Options for Plan Expenses

Qualified retirement plans provide tax deductible benefits for employers and employees, as well as an opportunity for…

— Dec 1, 2008

The Hidden Pension Trap - The Aggregation Rules

One of the primary objectives of the qualified plan rules is to make the tax advantages contingent upon covering a significant…

— Oct 1, 2008

Timely Deposit of Plan Contributions

The Department of Labor (DOL) has finally provided much anticipated guidance for the timely deposit of elective deferrals in…