— Aug 1, 2012

Top Heavy Impact on 401(k) Plans

— Jun 1, 2012

Fiduciary Fact or Fiction

The rules that govern the behavior of retirement plan fiduciaries are quite complex.

— Apr 2, 2012

The Final Fee Disclosure Regulations Have Arrived

Nearly five years in the making, the Department of Labor (DOL) has published its long-awaited plan sponsor fee disclosure…

— Feb 1, 2012

At Your Service

One of the most fundamental requirements in managing a qualified retirement plan is counting an employee's length of service.

— Dec 1, 2011

Increasing 401(k) Plan Participation

Cash or deferred retirement plans, more commonly referred to as 401(k) plans, have become the backbone of the private pension…

— Oct 3, 2011

Participant Fee Disclosure Requirements for Individual Account Plans

— Aug 1, 2011

Should They Stay or Should They Go: Dealing with Terminated Participants

— Jun 1, 2011

Fiduciary Liability for Participant-Directed Plans

It seems that every month there are new stories in the financial press about participants suing their employers for…

— Apr 1, 2011

Don't let the QDRO be Worse than the Marriage

— Feb 1, 2011

Do You Know Who Your Employees Are?

USA Today recently ran an article describing how many companies are using alternative work arrangements to meet staffing needs…

— Dec 1, 2010

Plan Year-End "To Do" List

— Oct 1, 2010

Record Retention

The record storage business is booming. A Google search yields pages and pages of links to companies offering to safely and…