Recreational Vehicles

There's something for the adventurer in all of us. Whether you play by land or sea, our recreational vehicle loans will help you get exactly what you've been wanting.


Motorcycles and Adventure

  • Motorcycles

  • All-terrain vehicles

  • Personal watercraft including trailer



  • Flexible rates

  • Loan terms up to 15 years

  • New and used



  • Fixed rate options up to 10 years.
  • Also available:  for New Boats, 15 year amortization with a 10 year balloon or Used Boats, 15 year amortization with a 5 year balloon.
  • Rates starting at 4.89% Annual Percentage Rate*
  • Purchase or refinance
  • New and used


*Subject to credit approval. Rates may change. Please contact an Old Point Lender for the APR currently in effect. As a payment example, a $30,000 five-year boat loan with 4.89% APR would have 60 monthly payments of $564.63.