Card Swap

An easy way to take control of your recurring payments.

Card Swap is a convenient, secure, and easy-to-use solution within our online/mobile banking that allows you to automatically apply debit or credit card information across your favorite subscription and digital services - like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon and more.



  • Manage your card(s) information in one place
  • Connect your card with popular online merchants
  • Switch the card you have on file to a new or existing card
  • Update your payment information when your card is reissued


If you have already connected your cards to online services, you can also quickly swap it out with a new, existing, or reissued card. Simply enter your card information one time and Card Swap takes care of the rest.



How does Card Swap Work? 


Card Swap lets you easily connect participating online merchants to your credit or debit card to pay for your recurring payments and subscriptions.

To get started, select a participating merchant and enter the sign in credentials for your account with them, then choose the Old Point card you want to add as a payment method. Your sign in credentials will be stored, so you can easily update your payment method to a different Old Point Card whenever you need.

How long does it take to update my payment method for a merchant using Card Swap 

It can take anywhere between a few minutes to 24 hours to update your payment method for a merchant. We’ll send you an email confirmation once we’ve successfully connected your card.

What if I don’t remember the password for my merchant account? 

Card Swap supports the ability to update your account username and password. To update your credentials, you’ll be redirected to the merchant website. Once updated, you can finish connecting the merchant to your card.

What if I’m already using myOld Point card at a merchant? 

You can still connect the same Old Point credit or debit card as payment using Card Swap. Once you’ve connected your card with a merchant, Card Swap will store your sign-in credentials, so you can easily manage future payments.

Can I sign up for a merchant’s services using Card Swap? 

You’ll need to visit the merchant’s site to start a new service. Once you’ve started a service with a participating online merchant, Card Swap helps you manage your recurring payments and subscriptions.

What happens when my Old Point card is reissued? 

If your card is reissued due to loss, theft, renewal or replacement, Card Swap will let you know if any connected merchants no longer have valid payment info. Tap on the notification banner in the app to easily reconnect these merchants to your reissued card.

Why don't I see my card in Card Swap? 

If an eligible Old Point Debit or Credit Card isn’t visible in Card Swap, please double-check that the card is activated. If you’re the primary cardholder or an authorized user, you can use digital banking to activate your card.


Can I remove a card I’ve connected to a merchant? 

Card Swap only permits adding and switching payment methods. To remove your Old Point card as a payment method, you’ll need to contact the merchant directly.

If you don’t want to see a connected merchant in Card Swap, you can remove them from your list using the edit function at the top right of the main screen.