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Be Proactive

  • If you receive a suspicious e-mail or text, Old Point's Information Technology department can use the information in the e-mail or text to trace the hosting web site and alert authorities to help shut down the fraudulent sites. Please forward any suspicious e-mails or texts to
    • DO NOT click any links included in the e-mail or text
    • Delete the e-mail or text
  • If you receive a call or text from someone claiming to work for Old Point National Bank who needs your password and/or account information, HANG UP immediately and report the incident by contacting Customer Service at 757.728.1290.
    • Please record the telephone number that you were advised to contact.


Reduce Your Risk

Have you heard the phrase, "the best offense is a good defense”? Taking precautions to reduce your risk of financial fraud is the first step in protecting yourself.

The following is a list of steps you can take to minimize your exposure to fraud:

  • Protect your personal and financial information at all times. Treat this information as you would safeguard cash.
  • Never provide your checking account, credit card or Social Security number to any unknown individual whether in person or through e-mail or telephone solicitation.
  • Never provide your ATM, Check Card or PIN (Personal Identification Number) to any solicitor. Old Point National Bank will never solicit your PIN number through telephone, letter or electronic banking.
  • Memorize your PIN numbers. Never write them on your ATM cards or Check Cards.
  • Promptly review your bank statements when they arrive and immediately report any suspicious transactions or discrepancies.
  • Immediately report missing or stolen checks, ATM cards, Credit cards or Check Cards.
  • Properly secure your extra checks, deposit slips and other financial information including bank statements, canceled checks, and check images in a safe location.
  • Be sure to protect and or properly destroy receipts. Although the trend is changing, some companies as well as financial institutions still print your account number on your receipt.
  • Never share your login access codes for electronic banking, brokerage or bill pay services with anyone, including third-party providers.