Citizens Customer FAQs


When will my Citizens account(s) be transferred to Old Point? 

The operational transition will occur during the weekend of May 18-21, 2018.

When will I receive more Information about the transition of my Citizens account(s) to Old Point? 

In early May Citizens customers will receive an Old Point Welcome Package with important information about this transition, including information about their new Old Point account(s) and required account disclosures.

What should I do to prepare for this transition? 

Nothing. We’re working hard to ensure that your financial life is uninterrupted by this change. We will help to prepare you along the way, so please be sure to read through all of the information that you receive leading up to the transition.

What will happen to the Citizens branch? 

The Citizens National Bank branch will become an Old Point National Bank branch on May 21, 2018. Many of the same branch staff that you’ve come to know and trust will continue to provide you with exceptional service at this location.

Will the business hours at the Windsor branch change? 

Yes. Starting May 21st, the Windsor branch lobby and drive-thru hours will be Monday-Thursday, 9am-5pm, and Fridays, 9am-6pm.

When can I start enjoying surcharge-free transactions at Old Point ATMs? 

You can begin using your Citizens National Bank debit card(s) surcharge-free at all Old Point ATMs begining April 2, 2018.

When can I start enjoying surcharge-free transactions at Allpoint ATMs? 

You can begin using your Citizens National Bank debit card(s) surcharge-free at all Allpoint ATMs begining May 2, 2018. Download the Allpoint app or click here to find a location near you.

When can I start using Old Point branches to access my account(s)? 

May 21st

Will my account number(s) remain the same? 

Your account number(s) will not change, but your bank routing number will. Your new Old Point routing number is 051406543.

When will I receive my new Old Point debit card? 

Your Old Point debit card will arrive by May 14th.

Please continue using your Citizens debit card as normal until it becomes inactive at 9:00am on May 21st.

Can I continue to use my Citizens checks? 

Yes. Please be aware that Citizens checks will become inactive on August 22, 2018 so you will need to order Old Point checks prior to that date.

How do I order new Old Point checks? 

Visit or call the Windsor branch to order your new checks. If you purchase checks outside of the bank, notify the check vendor of the new routing number next time you order. Business account customers will receive additional check ordering instructions in a separate mailing.

How do I log in to Old Point's online banking for the first time? 

Go to, enter your Citizens online banking username and the temporary password that will be emailed to you on May 21st from If you do not have online banking, you can go to and click on “Enroll Now” starting May 21st.

Will my bill pay information automatically transfer over? 

Your online bill pay information will not transfer to Old Point, but enrolling in Old Point’s online bill pay is a quick process. Contact us if assistance is needed.

When can I start using the Old Point mobile app? 

You can start using the Old Point mobile app on May 21st.

Prior to downloading the app, you will need to login to online banking at using your Citizens online banking username and the temporary password that will be emailed to you on May 21st. Once in online banking, click the “Mobile Banking” tab and select “Enroll”.

Will Old Point continue to automatically deduct payments, bills, and external loan payments from my account? 

Yes. Please review your account to confirm that direct deposits and drafts are working as normal. Alert us in the event that you find an inconsistency. You may be asked by the direct deposit or draft originator to provide written confirmation of Old Point’s routing number (051406543).

What will happen to direct deposit of payroll or social security payments going into my account? 

They will be deposited into your accounts at Old Point. You may be asked by the direct deposit or draft originator to provide written communication of the new bank routing number (051406543).

Are my deposits with Old Point FDIC insured? 

Yes. FDIC insurance covers a depositor’s account in any bank up to $250,000. In an acquisition where the deposits of one financial institution are transferred to another financial institution, separate insurance on the transferred deposits will continue for 6 months after the date of transfer or, in the case of time deposits, the earliest maturity date after the expiration of the six month period. Please contact us if your deposits at Old Point will exceed $250,000 as a result of the acquisition or if you have any questions.

When will I receive my last Citizens statement? 

Your final Citizens statement will be cut on May 18, 2018.

Can I continue to receive paper statements instead of eStatements? 

Yes. You are not required to switch to eStatements and we will not charge you a fee for opting to continue receiving paper statements. If you’d like to switch to eStatements later, simply login to online banking, click on “Statements” and agree to the terms and conditions.

Will there be any changes to the interest rate of my existing CD(s)? 

No. The rates and terms for your existing CD(s) will remain the same. At maturity, you will receive a notice informing you of the new terms and interest rate.

You will still be able to withdraw money from your CD prior to the maturity date, but early withdrawal penalties will apply.

Will there be any changes to the terms of my loan(s)? 

No, the rates and terms for your loan(s) will remain the same.

How do I make my loan payments? 

If your loan payments were set up to be automatically drafted from your account, then they will continue to do so. Payments can be made in person at any Old Point location, by automatic transfer from your Old Point account through online banking, or by mail to 1 West Mellen Street, Hampton VA 23663.

Will I still have access to my safe deposit box? 

Yes. You will still have access to your safe deposit box at the Windsor branch and your annual safe deposit box fee will remain the same.


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