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Protect Yourself from Fraud

Be Proactive

  • If you receive a suspicious email or text, Old Point's Information Technology department can use the information in the email or text to trace the hosting web site and alert authorities to help shut down the fraudulent sites. Please forward any suspicious emails or texts to
    • DO NOT click any links included in the email or text
    • Delete the email or text
  • If you receive a call or text from someone claiming to work for Old Point National Bank who needs your password and/or account information, HANG UP immediately and report the incident by contacting Customer Service at 757.728.1290.
    • Please record the telephone number that you were advised to contact.

Reduce Your Risk

Have you heard the phrase, "the best offense is a good defense”? Taking precautions to reduce your risk of financial fraud is the first step in protecting yourself.

The following is a list of steps you can take to minimize your exposure to fraud:
  • Protect your personal and financial information at all times. Treat this information as you would safeguard cash.
  • Never provide your checking account, credit card or Social Security number to any unknown individual whether in person or through email or telephone solicitation.
  • Never provide your ATM, debit card or PIN (Personal Identification Number) to any solicitor. Old Point National Bank will never solicit your PIN number through telephone, letter or electronic banking.
  • Memorize your PIN numbers. Never write them on your ATM cards or debit cards.
  • Promptly review your bank statements when they arrive and immediately report any suspicious transactions or discrepancies.
  • Immediately report missing or stolen checks, ATM cards, credit cards or debit cards.
  • Properly secure your extra checks, deposit slips and other financial information including bank statements, canceled checks, and check images in a safe location.
  • Be sure to protect and or properly destroy receipts. Although the trend is changing, some companies as well as financial institutions still print your account number on your receipt.
  • Never share your login access codes for electronic banking, brokerage or bill pay services with anyone, including third party providers.