Remote Deposit


Time-saving solutions

Make deposits quickly and securely, right from your office.

Process Check Deposits with Ease 
Our Treasury Services professionals will install a dedicated check scanner linked to our secure Remote Deposit website, as well as provide on site instruction. Simply scan each check and transmit the deposit quickly and securely to your Old Point account.

Reduce Administrative Expenses 
Remote Deposit Capture reduces deposit processing time and trips to the bank, saving you valuable time.

Improve Cash Flow 
Deposits received by 5:30 p.m. are credited to your business account the same day.

Think “Green”
You’ll save paper since there’s no need to photocopy checks before depositing. With Remote Deposit Capture, you’ll have electronic copies of all your checks.


Items Deposited
Per Month
Maintenance Fee*
Up to 249
250 - 499
500 - 999
1000 - 2499
2500 - 4999
5000 - 7499
7500 + 

* Fee may be offset by Earnings Credit when using a Commercial Analysis Checking Account; $25 monthly maintenance fee per additional location; $200 early termination fee prior to the end of initial two year contract; Scanner prices start at $299 plus VA sales tax and shipping.