Treasury Services


Make deposits quickly and securely, right from your office.


Fraud Protection starts with Old Point

A thriving company needs comprehensive banking security services.

Positive Pay Avoid the cashing of fraudulent checks against your account before any money is lost. Old Point will match the checks you issue with those presented for payment. Any check that doesn’t match is considered potentially fraudulent and will be sent to you for examination.

Account Reconciliation Our prompt and accurate account balancing service simplifies the reconciliation of your account and provides early warning of possible fraudulent activities.

ACH Controls—Debit Block/Debit Filter Old Point’s ACH Control Service offers the ability to block all incoming ACH debits presented to your account or you can choose to screen for valid ACH debits presented.

Image Lockbox Our image–enabled lockbox is the most efficient way to collect payments that are mailed to you. Old Point picks up mail from the post office each day and deposits the checks directly into your account, then sends you deposit information to update your records. Decreased processing time means your funds will be available faster.

eStatements Never lose a statement in the mail again! Old Point eStatements are safe, secure and promptly delivered—we send email reminders when they’re ready to be viewed.

Remote Deposit Old Point’s Remote Deposit Capture makes depositing checks fast, secure and convenient. Simply scan your checks using a certified desktop check scanner, attached to any PC, and transmit check images to be deposited through a secure Internet connection, without ever leaving your office.


Realize the full earning potential of the cash in your accounts.


A commercial customer supplies OPNB with a file via Online Banking with their transactions (direct deposit of employees' pay and/or membership fees etc.) for electronic transfer. Additional Old Point ACH Origination benefits include:

  • Direct deposit is a more efficient & cost effective method of distributing payroll
  • Employee productivity savings by keeping employees in the office & limiting unnecessary trips to their financial institution.
  • Direct deposit eliminates lost or stolen paychecks that would create stop payments and account reconcilement problems.
  • Direct payments are convenient, safe, reliable, and save time and money for both the billers (companies) and payers (consumer).


Receive Wire Notifications by Email We will provide immediate email notification when a wire transfer is deposited into your account. All payment details provided by the sender, such as invoice or P.O. numbers, will be included.

Get ACH Reports You will receive notification, including all payment details, when an ACH or electronic deposit is credited to your account. This can be invaluable when multiple invoices are paid with a single deposit, or for medical providers who receive payments on behalf of multiple clients.


Old Point National Bank, in partnership with SunGard, offers a fully integrated payables solution to our clients called Online Payables. This service allows our clients to utilize a Web-based application to manage their check printing process from start to finish. By using this application, clients can transfer payment files, review records prior to production, release jobs, check job status, choose delivery options and view reports on all completed jobs. In addition, a Positive Pay check issue file, as well as an ACH file can be created and exported for our clients through this same application.