Fraud Prevention

SAFEGUARD YOUR BUSINESS. Fraud Protection starts with Old Point.

A thriving company needs comprehensive banking security services.

Positive Pay Avoid the cashing of fraudulent checks against your account before any money is lost. Old Point will match the checks you issue with those presented for payment. Any check that doesn’t match is considered potentially fraudulent and will be sent to you for examination.

Paid Check Review 

  • Client is notified via email if items posted to their account on a daily basis.
  • Client logs in to Positive Pay system via Online Banking and reviews the items. A pay or return decision can be made on any items presented.
  • No Check Issue file is needed, while still allowing the client the opportunity to review and return any fraudulent items each day.
ACH Controls—Debit Block/Debit Filter Old Point’s ACH Control Service offers the ability to block all incoming ACH debits presented to your account or you can choose to screen for valid ACH debits presented.

Account Reconciliation Our prompt and accurate account balancing service simplifies the reconciliation of your account and provides early warning of possible fraudulent activities.