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Business Credit Cards

Get the Financial Advantage

  • Competitive Rates
  • No Annual Fees
  • Employee Cards at No Additional Cost
  • Expense Management System Integration
  • Consolidated Statements
  • Line Sharing
  • Travel Benefits
  • 24/7 Personal Customer Service Located in the U.S.
  • Fraud Monitoring and Zero Fraud Liability
  • Card Security

   Small Business Card

  • 0% intro APR for 6 months for purchases and balance transfers*
  • Choose from reward points, cash back, or lower rate options!

   Company Rewards Card

  • Higher spending limits
  • Reward points
  • Pay-in-full monthly card

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Already have an Old Point Credit Card?

If you have an Old Point MasterCard® credit card that looks like this
Lighthouse Old Point Credit Card with MasterCard logo 
If you have an Old Point VISA® credit card that looks like this
Blue and Green Old Point Credit Card with VISA logo 

Subject to credit approval. Cards issued by TCM Bank, N.A.

*0% Intro Annual Percentage Rate applies to purchases and balance transfers for the first 6 billing cycles after account opening. When this period ends, your APR will vary based on the U.S. Prime Rate as published in the Wall Street Journal. Small Business APRs are currently between 11.74% and 21.74%, Small Business Rewards APRs are currently between 12.74% and 22.74%, and Small Business Cash Rewards APRs are currently between 14.74% and 24.74%. All APRs are based on creditworthiness. Rates are accurate as of May 1, 2017 and are subject to change. To find out what may have changed, contact us or check our website for current rates. If you make a late payment or make a payment that is returned unpaid during the introductory period we may end your introductory APR and apply the standard purchase and balance transfer APR. Subject to credit approval. This card is issued by TCM Bank, N.A.